Virgil Arlo Pickups Guitar Forum 2018

Virgil Arlo Guitar Forum 2018

When it comes to Virgil Arlo Pickups, there is no shortage of Youtube video Facebook feedback, Online Reviews and Guitar Pickups Forum chatter.  

Virgil Arlo Facebook

Social Media has been very friendly to Virgil Arlo Pickups and over 30,000 guitar players follow the Virgil Arlo Facebook Page

Virgil Arlo 54 Model Strat

The Virgil Arlo 1954 Vintage Style Stratocaster pickup set is well known by top pro's for clarity, warmth and dynamics. A lot of players put these in their vintage Strats. Virgil Arlo makes only one set of Strat pickups, based on the best vintage Strat pickups, although you hear players call them by several names including the following: 

  • Virgil Arlo 54
  • Virgil Arlo 54 Model
  • Virgil Arlo Model 54 Strat
  • Virgil Arlo Strat
  • Virgil Arlo 1954 Vintage Style Strat
  • Virgil Arlo 1954 Model

Virgil Arlo Strat Pickups Review:

Just about everyone that orders a set of Virgil Arlo Strat Pickups just raves about the tone. I seems for every 100 customers, 1 guy will be kind enough to post a video on youtube or facebook.

One thing you will notice about the video reviews is the sincerity of the reviewer. These days it seems everyone is doing online demos of gear, rarely do you find top pro's so blown away by the performance.

Allen Hinds posted this video back in 2015 after installing Virgil Arlo Pickups in one of his Stratocasters. This was a video he shot on his iphone & you won;t find a more sincere review anywhere.

Virgil Arlo 1952 Model Tele Pickups

The Virgil Arlo 1952 Telecaster replacement pickup set is highly regarded among any player that's been lucky enough to play them. All types of Tele players including Mike Gallaher (Guitarist for Joe Cocker), Allen Hinds (Jazz Fusion Artist), Charlie Hitchcock (Blues Guitarist) and Jay Leonard (Funk/Rock Player) have been kind enough to post videos of the Virgil Arlo's in thier favorite Telecasters.

Virgil Arlo PAF pickups

The Virgil Arlo 1959 P.A.F. Humbucker is the go to choice for guys that have tried everything on the market. A lot of pros actually use these instead of the original pickups in their favorite vintage guitars. Check out this Nashville touring and session pro that yanked out his real 1959 Vintage PAF's in favor of the Virgil Arlo 1959 PAF Pickup set.

Virgil Arlo Pickups Prices

The process of making the some of the finest pickups ever made is much more labor intensive than mass produced pickups. A lot of "boutique" winders these days can bust out many sets of pickups in a single day. The Virgil Arlo pickup making formula is about quality over quantity. Nobody is perfect but that doesn't mean that perfection cannot be the goal.  

Making pickups of this quality isn't cheap or easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. Here are the prices:

  • 1952 Telecaster Replacement Set - $399.99
  • 1954 Stratocaster Replacement Set - $499.99 (covers extra)
  • 1959 P.A.F. Humbucker Set - $599.99 (covers extra)

Virgil Arlo Pickups Youtube

Virgil Arlo Pickups are featured in some of the most amazing Youtube reviews. Most of these videos were shot in the homes of the player either on a webcam or iphone. 

If the players seem to be sincere it's because they really love the pickups. Many of them were so overwhelmed they made the video within a day or two of installing their pickups. The most common words they use are "blown away", "inspiring" and "amazing". It was very kind of each of these great players who have posted videos to do so.   

Virgil Arlo Amps

Virgil Arlo has a lot of experience dealing with vintage amps. Top pro's contact us often looking for vintage amps that are full serviced and ready for a demanding pro schedule. Pickups are the main focus around here and not too many amps pass through here these days but itf you are looking for something special then check out Virgil Arlo Amps.

Virgil Arlo Pickups Reverb

It's pretty uncommon for someone to sell their Virgil Arlo pickups but from time to time you will see them pop up for sale on guitar forums, and ebay. Always be cautious for fakes and we strongly advise against buying any listing that doesn't include photos. 

Virgil Arlo vs. Other Pickups

It's a great time to be a guitar player. So many guys are making great guitars, amps, pedals and pickups. We always get asked to compare "Throbak vs.Virgil Arlo", "Virgil Arlo vs. Ron Ellis" or "Virgil Arlo vs. Tom Holmes".  This is good company to be in, these guys all make great pickups. Every once in awhile people ask to compare "Virgil Arlo vs.David White Old Glory" or Alan Hamel vs. Virgil Arlo". We can't really offer up comparisons to other pickup makers but we do have great respect for other professionals in this business.

In the end, it's up to you to do the research listen to the tone of each pickup & listen to what the pro's say about them. Most people compare Virgil Arlo Pickups to vintage pickups saying they are on par or sometimes even better than the originals.  


 Virgil Arlo Pickups Forum 2018


Virgil Arlo Pickup Forum 2018