Virgil Arlo & Tone Specific

The founder of Tone Specific Pickups got his start working here. He helped with several aspects on the business side of things & applied some of the knowledge learned during that time to start Tone Specific Pickups.   

People often ask if there are similarities between Virgil Arlo and Tone Specific Pickups. The fact is that they are quite different.  Virgil Arlo made one type of Strat, Tele, a P.A.F. that are based on the best examples of the vintage era pickups using a unique and time consuming process. Tone Specific Pickups on the other hand makes several types of pickups designed with certain tones in each using their own designs and materials.  

The designs, materials & techniques used to make Virgil Arlo Pickups are unique. There is only way one to get the "Virgil Arlo" tone in your guitar & thats by getting a set Virgil Arlo Pickups.

Professional Guitarists typically have many guitars. Some of these Pro Players that use Virgil Arlo Pickups also use pickups from other makers including Tone Specific Pickups. 

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 This is a competitive business & you'll find a few of our questioning the quality of Virgil Arlo Pickups forum and chat boards. They want you to wonder are Virgil Arlo Pickups worth it. As with anything on the internet you have to consider the source. Our customers love the tone these pickups give them. Most people order multiple sets. If you search the youtube reviews and dig a little deeper on the forums you'll find many satisfied customers. Many of who are actual working professionals.   

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