1954 Model - Stratocaster® Replacement Pickup Set

1954 Model - Stratocaster® Replacement Pickup Set

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The formula used to create the best replacement pickup for Stratocaster-style guitars is the result of many years of working with vintage guitars. If you’ve played more than a few sets of vintage pickups then you know they are not all exactly the same, some have a certain mojo that others lack.

Virgil Arlo 1954 Model is not what you would call an exact replica of any year since the materials and specs did vary in back in those days. The 1954 model is a recreation of the best sounding Strat pickups from the vintage era.

Identification of what makes a great vintage pickup sound so great is one-thing, to figure out how to reproduce it is a lofty goal that many have found to be quite elusive. Many players consider the 1954 Model to be the best Strat replacement pickups made.  More than a few players have gone go so far to say they are as good or better than the original vintage pickups from the 50’s and 60’s.

The 1954 model is enjoyed by top players all over the world. They’re able to cover all styles of music & sound great with all different types of tone-woods, amps and modelers. A lot of other pickup makers make a lot of different models. It makes perfect sense, the more models you make the more likely you are to sell a bunch of pickups. That’s fine and might work well for some but for those who want the best tone, the 1954 model delivers.   

Unlike many other pickups on the market, these pickups are extremely well balanced with great string to string articulation. They have great clarity and punch. They will not get muddy should you choose to distort them. They work great with pedals and are quite responsive to your playing style. Quack, Spank, Chime. It's all in there, play em' hard and the treble and attack will be heard, play em' soft for a smoother and more round tone. You will find that they are very touch-sensitive, which is a lost art these days. Finally your tone is up to you. Do you remember the first time you plugged in to a great tube amp or picked up your first real guitar? Get these pickups and be ready for one of those moments.

Why pay thousands of dollars for a set of the original vintage pickups?  For a fraction of the cost, the Virgil Arlo 1954 model Strat replacement set is considered by many to sound as good or even better than the originals from the 1950's.

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Sound Clips & Reviews 

"Mr. Arlo makes Incredible Pickups! Over the years, I've played a lot of different pickups & the Virgil Arlo's are the best. The best by far!"

-Mike Gallaher, Legendary Guitarist - Joe Cocker, Leon Russell.

"I've tried all of the more expensive pickups. The Arlo's sound amazing. I can't say enough good things about them. Now I'm wondering if there's not some proprietary technique that only Virgil Arlo knows to make pickups that sound this good"

-Hadden Sayers, Blues Recording Artist. Also lends his chops to Ruthie Foster (Grammy Nominated Recording Artist). 

"Beautiful Sounding Pickups! Don't waste your time buying vintage pickups for thousands of dollars. Just buy these & You will be right there with'em."

-Dani Robinson, Guitarist - Billy Cox Experience (Plays & Sings the Jimi Hendrix parts).

"I am absolutely LOVING the pickups! Now I need to get another set of pickups for my Gibson 335 & my next Tele & Strat builds."

-Brett Garsed, Legendary Session Player, Recording Artist & Guitar Techniques Instructor

"My Virgil Arlo pickups sound fantastic. It is hard to stop jamming & get down to learning my new song. The Humbucker is so smooth and clean and the bridge just sings like a bird. Sounds great in the middle position too."

-Richard McRae, Legendary Guitarist for George Strait 

"I went to a Session right after getting my Arlo's installed. My Guitar sounded so good, the Engineer asked "what are you doing different". I told him, I just got a set of Virgil Arlo Pickups. I love the tone of these pickups."

-Pat Buchanan, Legendary Session Guitarist in Nashville w/ 1000's of credits including Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Hall & Oates, Trace Adkins, Cameo, Cyndi Lauper, Amy Grant & Ray Davies (the Kinks)

Mr. Arlo Knows What He's Doing and has been doing it for a long time. Let me tell you, this is the best upgrade I've made to a Guitar that I can remember.  

Steve Ouimette, Composer/Artist/Producer - Credits include Guitar Hero, Alice Cooper

They are so close (to my 1956 Strat), it's really hard to tell the difference... I think they're the best Strat Pickups made.

-Allen Hinds, Recording Artist, Session Legend, Guitar Techniques Contributor & Musicians Institute Instructor

I'm just amazed how good these pickups sound...For the first time in my life...All the notes on the neck are just the right balance.

-Leonardo Amuedo, Virtuoso Guitarist- Chris Botti, Ivan Lins, Blood Sweat, Tears.

Mr. Arlo's pickups sound pretty amazing. I'm stoked to finally have them in my guitar. I highly recommend these.

-Bennett Lewis, Guitarist - Maren Morris

These pickups sound amazing...I feel like I'm playing an old PAF....They fixed this guitar (1967 Gibson ES-335)

-Ford Thurston, Nashville based Guitarist/Lead Guitarist for Randy Houser


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December 2, 2019 - The winder known as Virgil Arlo has retired from winding pickups as of late 2019. His last sets will finish final testing in early 2020. This webpage will remain for informational purposes. 

October 21, 2020 - We still check the e-mail here just in the event of the almost non-existent warranty issue. Prices for used sets has really shot up since he retired from winding. You may might consider contacting Tone Specific Pickups. They make pickups of equal quality & there has been a long relationship between Virgil Arlo & Tone Specific. For more information, please visit. www.ToneSpecific.com

January 4, 2021 - Effective Immediately, The Virgil Arlo Collection of Pickups are now available at ToneSpecific.com. They have obtained certain tooling & the remaining supply of the parts used to make Virgil Arlo Pickups. It is estimated the part supply will last about 6 to 12 months. Click here to get a Virgil Arlo 1954 Strat Pickup Set while supplies last.



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