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Virgil Arlo Pickups are the secret weapon of many top session and touring guitarist.  Anyone that has tried them will tell you that the tone they produce is second to none.  Check out some of the online guitar forum and review posts about Virgil Arlo Pickups.

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Virgil Arlo 1959 P.A.F. Model Review:

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 Virgil Arlo PAF's are regarded by many to be as good or better than the original PAF pickups from the 1950's. Some guys have gone so far to say they are the best PAF Humbuckers ever made. Some players have replaced orginal 1950's PAF humuckers with these wonderful pickups.  Check out the Virgil Arlo Pickups Guitar Forum Posts.

 Virgil Arlo Strat 1954 Model Review:

Virgil Arlo Strat Pickups receive high marks from top session and touring pro's. They have dynamic response, warmth & clarity that is second to none. Check out some of the guitar forums about Virgil Arlo Pickups.  

Virgil Arlo Guitar Forums 1954 Strat:

Virgil Arlo 1952 Model Review: 


Virgil Arlo's Tele pickups are played by top pros all over the world. Players in Nashville, LA, Austin, Japan, China, etc. all love the tone and response of these pickups. Virgil Arlo mkaes the best Tele pickups Jazz, Country, Blues or Rock.  

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Not everybody knows about Virgil Arlo Pickups but ask anyone that has played them and they will tell you about the unsurpassed tone.  Check out some of the Virgil Arlo mentions in these guitar forums.